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Only such persons, who fulfil all the following conditions, shall be eligible to become members of the club:-
1. Any respectable person who is resident of Jaipur who has sound financial back ground.
2. Who has completed 21 years of age on the date of application for a Membership
3. Who subscribes to the aims and objects of the club and is willing to abide by its Memorandum and Rules and Regulations.
4. Who has not been expelled from membership of the club under the provisions of these rules and regulations by any other club
5. Any person who is proposed for and duly elected to membership in this club shall be deemed to have accepted club By-Laws and the rules and shall be bound by them in all respects as if he or she had been a member at the time of their adoption
6. No such person can be a member of the club who has criminal record and or has been prosecuted for the criminal act.
7. Provided further that notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, Except Life Membership and Permanent Voting Membership shall not be eligible to participate in the Annual/Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting or vote to contest in the elections.

Membership Fees For Different Catagories

Life Membership with Voting Right - open
Detail Life
Entrance Fees/ Deposit Rs. 60,00,000 +GST
Subscription NIL
Use of Facilities Payable At Usual Club Charges
Permanent Voting Membership - Close
Detail Permanent
Entrance Fees/ Deposit Rs. 25, 00,000 +GST
Monthly Subscription Rs. 500/-Per Month +GST
All those persons of 21 years of age or more and who are duly proposed, seconded and elected as such by Membership selection committee according to the procedure & rules, may be enrolled as a Permanent Member of club. In the case of any Government employees, only 1st class Gazetted Officer shall be considered for this membership by Membership selection committee.  
Detail Duration 2 Years
Entrance Fees Rs. 50,000 +GST
Subscription Rs.1,000/- Per month +GST
Defense & Senior Government officers active in service can be enrolled as" Service Member" for limited duration of one year.
Dependent Member
Permanent and Life Members wishing their unmarried daughter & son below the age of 24 years and above 12 years only to use the club unaccompanied shall obtain identity card for each of them by making formal request along with two passport size photographs with a nominal fees of Rs. 200/-each may be admitted as dependent members. The facilities for such dependent members may be withdraw by the executive committee if in its opinion the presence of such dependent in the club premises is not in the interest of the club and its members.
Corporate Membership ( Non Voting) - open
Detail Duration 15 Years
Entrance Fees/ Deposit Rs. 75 00,000/-(4 Nominees) +GST
Monthly Subscription Rs. 500/- Per Month (Per Nominee)+GST

ARTICLE 14A.1 In This Article, “Corporate “Means any Corporation, Partnership or other recognized Business or Society, Which Carries on its Business or activities primarily within the Jaipur District.

ARTICLE 14A.2 A firm may, with the approval of the committee, apply to have one or more of its officers, Directors, partners or employees, all Become Corporate members Of the Club.

ARTICLE 14A.3. Any such officer, Director, Partner or employee, may be a candidate for membership, pursuant to article 10 of these bylaws and, if elected, shall become a corporate member of the club, subject to all the bylaws relating to Permanent members.

ARTICLE 14A.4. Any firm may, upon payment of a transfer fee prescribed by the committee, apply to replace a corporate member who ceases to be a company member with another officer, director, partner or employee of the company.
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